When examining all facets of life (not limited to only financial matters), we believe thoughtful, robust and unique planning is possible.  

Incorporating a holistic process called Financial Life Planning® helps our clients enhance their sense of financial well-being and overall life satisfaction. 

Our Typical Introduction

Our Engagement Process


What is important to us?

Working with people who care about others—friends, family and causes.

Working with people who want an engaged relationship with a professional—not merely setting up an account.

Working with people who believe in financial planning (being active, nimble and monitored) as opposed to having a financial plan that is done once, placed in a drawer and never referenced again.

Working with people who are thoughtful (incorporating both emotion and logic) when making important life decisions.

Working with people NOT only focused on their money—instead, their financial life plan is designed and shaped around their vision of an ideal future, values, goals and the things and people that matter most in their world. 

Unique Wisdom




To understand if our services, philosophy and personality are a good fit for your needs, personality and objectives. Are we a good FIT for you and you for us? 

We offer an hour–no cost, no obligation discussion to better understand your needs, goals and concerns and you have an opportunity to learn about our philosophy and get to know us. After, we can determine together if there are reasons we should pursue a working relationship together or NOT. We realize we aren’t a “fit” for everyone and that is okay.




Clarity & Design

To work with you to design and visualize your ideal future, to identify the core values important for you to live by, to identify possible future life transitions you need to consider, to identify your concerns to address and the goals you wish to realize.  

We spend time with you discussing both financial and life matters, to help design a blueprint for your financial life plan. We believe coming up with a strategic plan while understanding both qualitative and quantitative issues help to produce recommendations and strategies congruent with the things and people important in the lives of our clients.


Enactment & Ongoing Planning

Predicated upon our mutually agreed upon strategic plan created in the 2nd step of our process, we then work with you to prioritize and implement action items and “course correct” planning as life evolves.  

Your blueprint ultimately serves as a “living” document that we use as a guide for progress, protocols and expectations and is updated periodically as situations warrant and change. We begin working from priorities involving your most pertinent issues first. Our job is to be a catalyst to ultimately help get things done and to be a resource to support your unique pace of engagement, planning and need for implementation. We believe in progress; not necessarily perfection and are careful to not overwhelm those we serve.