We believe strongly in providing comprehensive advice. It is important to know professionals we can rely upon to help our clients complete and update their financial life plans. We realize we have professional limitations, so we consistently identify other like-minded professionals we believe can support our clients. Attorneys, CPAs, Trust Services, Bankers, Real Estate Professionals, Grief Counselors, Home Care Providers, to name a few. The services provided by these professionals we believe are supportive of the things important to maintain overall financial well-being for our clients and complement ours. Introductions and collaborations with other professionals occurs often for Mirus clients.


We are committed to participating in at least three charitable initiatives each year. We believe it is important for us to support our community and to be supportive of things important to many whom we serve. If you'd like to join our Mirus+Cares efforts, please sign up for our newsletter below for alerts to upcoming events.


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